A sweeter way for brands to connect with consumers.

Branded baked goods.

Three words merged together to form a super sweet sentence. Who would have thought? What better way to connect a consumer with a brand? I certainly cannot think of one.

Over time marketers have picked their brains for savvy ways to connect with their consumers. The ultimate goals being to build and foster relationships, gain recognition or just figure out a creative way to get into people’s consideration sets. Although it’s always a challenge, I would be willing to bet that the perfect execution of these tasty treats may just allow brands to successfully “break through the clutter”.

Now I’m sure that branding baked goods as a concept is nowhere near new, but it still seems like firms have not gotten a firm grasp on how exactly to do, it in order maximize ROI-ROA (return on investment, & return on advertising). If done correctly however, I firmly believe that these sweet snacks have the ability to connect consumers to brands on a new level… that’s right by consumption. Nothing can physically bring the consumer-brand relationship closer.

I was shopping at the grand opening event at a local Vera Bradley store when I discovered a pile of cookies sitting on the table. But these were not just your typical cookies… they were branded cookies. Perfectly wrapped sugar cookies, with an edible print of the Vera Bradley pattern Jazzy Blooms on top. What could be better… not only can I purchase one of my favorite brands, now I can actually eat it. And let me tell you, it was one of the best cookies I have ever had. The quality of the cookie, matched what I would expect from Vera Bradley as a brand. Talk about consistency.

Now Vera Bradley is not the only brand picking up on this trend, my favorite bakery in NYC Magnolias, recently released Stanley Cup cupcakes, with edible Chicago Blackhawks logos on them. What a way to celebrate, and show everyone your favorite sports brand. These cupcakes are surely going to create some buzz and spark a conversation.

Aside from edible image cupcakes, Magnolias also released special edition Dexter branded cupcakes, red velvet with “blood” and edible sugar “glass” to make this creation more realistic. (I have attached the link below, so check it out!). Consumers get excited when they see their favorite brands released to the public in a new unexpected way, and let’s be honest… who doesn’t enjoy baked goods? It seems like a home run. Now all company’s need to focus on is execution. Who knows, someday soon we may be eating our favorite brands, alongside wearing/carrying/watching them.
Branded baked goods may be the new way for firms reach their consumers… and all I’m saying is, I don’t hate it.

Link to Magnolias story: http://www.nydailynews.com/magnolia-bakery-introduces-dexter-cupcake-article-1.1381354?pmSlide=0

Magnolias Twitter w/ several examples of branded baked goods: https://twitter.com/magnoliabakery

Vera Bradley branded cookie



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