BTW – Adding that skill to the res.

Soooooo I started doing some consulting work for a company called ViewSPORT, they were actually on Shark Tank Season 3 (fab show check it out if you haven’t seen it) as most of you prob know from the countless Snap Chats/Instagrams/Fb Videos I have sent out. #SorryNotSorry

The product is Sweat Activated Fitness Apparel, so when you sweat images will begin to appear on your clothes that were not there before. I recently decided their Instagram account needed some updates in terms of aligning it more with their brand, so I needed to create some original content to push out.

Insert Kelli Grove. Now Kelli is my best friend Ashley’s little sister, and has been busting her you know what the last few months to do her 1st Bikini competition. (I’m inserting her hashtags here because I don’t know exactly what she did is called #inbfnaturalusa #teamfendifit #fitnessgeradio) Any whooooooo Kelli looks fantastic so I called her up and asked her to model the clothes for me. This was my 1st time using a profesh camera (shout out to Bob for providing it), and I think we got some good ones that may even be used for ads! Also shout out to my Aunt Brianne and Uncle George – owners of Golds Gym Fairport for letting me use their location to take the photos! PS – best gym in Roc, and I am not just saying that because i’m related.

outside5 KelliKettleBell 11149346_10155436833385156_6864939696123672365_n 17198_10155436382795156_3147158325480884092_n Dont Quit1outside7

Check out more of what ViewSPORT does below!

Golds Gym Fairport!


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