Perfect Paleo Treats & Clean Eats.

UPDATE: New found interest – Paleo baking.

You can stuff your face with a cookie or cake and not feel so bad about life. I love this already. Sorry Betty Crocker, but BYE.

For all of you wondering – “Eating Paleo is a belief that for optimal health, modern humans should go back to eating real, whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies.”

I’m not going to lie, the first time I even contemplated this way of baking I was completely turned off due to the unfamiliar (and somewhat expensive) ingredients. Like really, what is Ghee anyways? Most people probably don’t know it exists – market research was 100% necessary before I proceeded.
**For any of my Simon friends, you all know by Market Research I mean google.

Once I got past this mental roadblock and decided to give it a shot, I realized that I simply cannot turn back. It actually makes me sick to think that my previous Banana Bread recipe used 1 cup sugar and 1 cup brown sugar (So unhealthy) – the Paleo recipe uses 0 added sugar and still tastes delish!

Some fab friends at the gym (Melissia and Niki) have provided me with fantastic treats to try and have shared their recipes – for this I am grateful. It’s a lot more fun to bake and trade with friends – it’s a fast way to try various recipes and get a feel for what’s good and what’s not based on others experiences.

Not a marketing plug here but I do have to mention that Trader Joes is the JAM for prime ingredients needed to make these treats! Significantly cheaper then Wegmans. So if you feel inspired, take a trip to Monroe Ave and get shopping.

I have posted our shared Pinterest Board below where we only post recipes that we believe are worth sharing! – It’s basically our digital RAC recipe book. Welcome to 2016. Feel free to follow, try some recipes and give us feedback. We always welcome free food. If anything it’s a challenge to try something different, and benefit your health! Who knows, you might end up loving it.

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