Negotiating a Salary. Akward, but so worth it.

Fresh out of Grad school, I have little Product Management experience (about 5 months), but 2 Master’s Degree’s from a top 30 school which gives me some leverage. I recently received a job offer, and my gut told me to negotiate for a higher salary. However, I had zero clue on how to do so. Insert Google, and my fantastic friends.

Lewis C. Lin is a bestselling author with books focused on product management, marketing and negotiation. It just so happens he has a blog of templates you can look at to see how you should go about negotiating. THANK YOU.

Here is the link: (

I used the: Negotiating a Higher Base Salary: Get More When You Have Good Qualifications script. I took this as a guideline when writing my e-mail to my hiring manager.

BOOM $3,000 for 30 seconds of my time. Easiest money I have made so far in life. WORTH IT.

I guess I’m writing this to persuade those of you who think you shouldn’t, or you aren’t entitled to more or feel awkward, to indeed do so. All of those feelings ran through my head. It’s 2016, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. It also shows that you aren’t a pushover and that you value yourself and your personal brand. My friend’s advice was what I needed to take action, I had the gut feeling, I just needed to make it happen. So if you are reading this, and you helped me – I owe you a beer or 5.



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