That time I rappeled down a building… A true #KodakMoment

Okay, so I officially might be a little crazy. After much deliberation and a shot of Fireball, I  went for it. 21 stories, 309 feet, pure chaos. Luckily my friend let me borrow her Go-Pro because no I did not look down with my eyes open!

I had multiple people ask me why I would do such a thing, tell me I am crazy or think I lost a bet however, it was more a work thing than anything else. I had been given the opportunity to rappel down for Kodak Alaris since we provide rappelers with some crazy good photography and prints to document their #KodakMoments, how could I pass that up? This was not something that was on my “bucket list” but I am proud to say that I did it. Mind>Matter could not be more true than it was that day. When something as bizarre as this comes across your plate you have to take it, so I encourage everyone to take this mindset, I bet you will be happy you did. Doing things that are uncomfortable to us help us grow and see the world in a different way. Super beneficial. Just go for it.

More about the event, and why it is put on:”21 Stories for Scouts is a life changing 309 foot descent down the First Federal Plaza building in downtown Rochester to benefit Scouting programs for 40 aftershool programs in the city of Rochester, and underserved at-risk youth throughout our five-county service area!” It is fundraising like you have never seen, so creative.





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