Truth in time tells all.

As many of you know, I got let go from my first “real person” job just 5 months after accepting the offer in 2015. Dreams crushed. The fantastic Marketing genius who hired me, quit days before I was to start. BUMMER.

After completing 6 years of school and obtaining 3 degrees, I was ready to take on the Marketing world. There was not much I was sure about at the time, but my Marketing capabilities were never in question.

Marketing is something that I am extremely passionate about. For those of you who know me or have been in class with me, know that I take Marketing seriously and put my whole heart into my work. I do not turn anything in that may tarnish my personal brand, or that is not the best that I am capable of – which is why that day in December came as a complete and unexpected shock to me – or to some of you I’m sure.

I didn’t have enough experience she said, I wasn’t able to do the job successfully. I didn’t have what it takes to be a “Brand/Product” Manager, those words still haunt me to this day. This was the worst day of my life.. or so I thought at the time. Cue the drama.

I cried numerous times. I thought I wasn’t good enough for months, but I never let it stop me. Terrified of what people would think of me because I was unemployed – the perception that I wasn’t good enough, that I was a loser, that there was something wrong with me. Those times were notttt some of my best.

Instead of being a negative Nancy, I channeled my energy into the gym lost 20 pounds, met some amazing people, and got to spend almost every day with my grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer after I got let go and died a week after I accepted my new job. A blessing in disguise? I think so.

Fast forward to today. October 2016 almost a year later.

UPDATE: I am a Product manager. I do have what it takes to do my job successfully, and I am gaining experience from the wonderful people that I work with every day (seriously they are sooo wonderful). I landed in a better place and couldn’t be more happy. (#KodakMoments go use our Kiosks in Target or CVS.)

Boom drop the mic.

Anyways – I decided to blog today in light of recent events. My mom bought a jar of Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce for dinner tonight and I picked it up to take a look because I noticed the packaging was new.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the call out on the front (that was the point of it) that says “Made with imported Pecorino Romano & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” Hmm looks familiar I thought… I flip the jar around and sure enough “buttons” that call out if the product is say Gluten Free or Vegan. Also looking at the ingredients list – soy bean oil is now gone…  MY IDEAS. All of them, MY ideas.

Again in shock – anger immediately fills my body. So obviously the first thing I do is take out my new I phone 7 (YASS) and snap chat the situation, then call Bob.

Hours I spent buying competitors sauces, analyzing the labels, figuring out what we are able to call out to differentiate our sauce from the competitors. Those of you who know me well, know what kind of excel spreadsheets I am capable of making and let me tell you this was a beauty.

Back to how this ties in. I was let go because I wasn’t capable of doing my job – yet my ideas are now on a national brand of sauce? I know the real reason I was let go. It had nothing to do with my capabilities and this proved it. A little something called office politics. THE WORST.

Although I am angry that Lidestri is currently using my ideas, I am happy. Happy to know that my ideas mean something, that they were good. I am good enough. I know my capabilities.

The whole point of this post is to say that although it took almost a year, something as small as a label change put my mind at ease. There may be times in life when people put you down, tell you that you are not good enough – but if you have faith in yourself and your capabilities, you can do anything. Go prove someone wrong – the feeling is fantastic.



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