TWITTER FOR THE WIN! I would like to thank Mashable for hooking me up with 2 tickets to the NYCWFF. For anyone who knows me, winning things on social media is my thing, but this was a once in a lifetime experience. The food was unbelievable. Fancy as hell.

Check out my photos from an amazing experience in NYC for the New York City Wine and Food Festival! Chefs Ori Menashe & Genevive Gergis of LA’s Bestia Restaurant! All for a good cause to benefit No Kid Hungry!











Crockpot Applesauce, tis the season!

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Made up this delish recipe, super simple.
1/2 cup brown sugar
10 baking apples (20oz) peeled and cut
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup apple cider
1 tsp cinnamon
add regular sugar to taste after its cooked if you want it to be sweeter
Put all the ingredients into the crock pot on high, let cook for 3 hours and then its done!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi


In a time when corporate America is so heavily criticized, there are still some companies that can give us all hope. More and more for – profit business are using a “one for one” model in order to donate goods to developing countries.

This “One for One” attitude is becoming considerably popular as companies are looking to connect with consumers on another level and spread some good throughout the world. Two specific examples that are my personal favorites are Toms and Warby Parker. Not only are both successful because of their unique style, brand equity and quality – but they both give back to those in need.

Warby Parker’s: “buy a pair, give a pair” philosophy aims to help people in the world who don’t have access to proper vision care. For every pair a consumer buys online, the company gives a free pair to someone in need. They partner with non-for-profit Vision Spring, and are sensitive to the impact that their donations make on the local economy. Not only do they give glasses, but they provide low income local entrepreneurs guidance to start their own businesses selling glasses at affordable prices. Toms is similar in that a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need, for every pair bought by a consumer with this “one for one” attitude. As conscious consumers the first step we can make to a better world is to educate ourselves on these issues, and see what we can do to help make a change – no matter how small.

So, next time you are about to make a purchase, give it some thought – could you B helping someone in need? (Look at the link below B Corp. to see how you can “B the change”)

Check it out for yourself

B the change:
Examples of other companies with this mentality:
By one, get one model article:
Warby Parker:

Brownie Cupcakes!

Brownie Cupcakes!

At one point you could find my recipe on The Chew website! This pic (along with my Kit Kat Cake) also won me 2 tickets to the NY Wine and Food Festival in October 2014.

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How to make: Cook brownie mix (or make your own) then simply bake them like cupcakes. I made homemade peanut butter frosting (basically PB and confectionery sugar) and sliced a Resse’s cup into 4 pieces and placed 1 piece per brownie cupcake!

Brownie Cupcakes!

Cooke Monster Cake!

I made this cake about 2 years ago, but figured I would post anyways.
It is a double layer cake, and tie dye blue and white on the inside! It was a lot easier to make then I thought it would be! If you go to Pinterest or Google and type in “Cookie Monster Cake” you will find ways on how to do it.

Cookie Monster Cake!

Kit Kat Cake!

So I found this idea on Pinterest and decided I would try it out. Honestly it was super easy, delish & looks gorg! I made the frosting myself using Magnolia’s Bakery recipe & simply bought a chocolate cake mix and fresh strawberry’s. The cake is also double layer, and there are strawberry’s and frosting in the middle!

Here is an example & steps of how to properly make one!

Kit Kat Cake!